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Kindness Bingo - Cultivating Kindness as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

This week (18/05/2020-24/05/2020) is Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, this year the theme is kindness. As part of this week, I’ve written about Ahimsa, the yogi principle of Non-violence, have a look at that blog post if you want to deepen your yoga or kindness practice, and the yoga classes I am teaching have all been themed around this teaching.

I’ve also created these Kindness Bingo cards to help make being kind to others, yourself and the planet easy and fun!

All you have to do is save the image, or screenshot it, and cross off each box as you do it. When you have a full house you can post it on your instagram or facebook story, or post it to your main feed, and tag me in it so I can shout you out (@floga_yoga). It would be great if you could also add a little review of the process, how you’ve found being kind to others, to yourself and to the planet, maybe writing about how it's impacted your and others mental health. I’ve been having a go at these bingo cards as well and I’ll be posting how I’ve found the process over on my instagram so keep a look out for that.

There’s no time limit to this project so there’s no need to stress out or rush - enjoy the journey!

Kindness to Others

"You have the power to make someone else’s day and your own" - Florence Cross

Showing kindness to others is in the best interests of everyone: you have the power to make someone else's day and make your own! Doing some acts of kindness, like the ones on these bingo cards, can help reverse feelings of depression, provide social contact, calm aggression and decrease stress. So why not have a go at some of the things below!

  1. Make someone a cup of tea

  2. Give someone in your household a massage

  3. Donate to a foodbank or charity

  4. Call a friend or family member

  5. Cook a meal for someone in your household

  6. Clean the living room (or another communal room)

  7. Check on an elderly neighbour

  8. Tell someone how much you love them and that you’re proud of them

  9. Compliment someone

Kindness to Yourself

“The kinder you are to yourself the easier it is to be kind to others” - Florence Cross

We often forget the most important person in our lives and we forget to be kind and caring towards them. YOU always need to be your top priority. It is SO important to show kindness to yourself.

Use this week and this Kindness to Yourself Bingo as an excuse to really relax and indulge yourself and show yourself the love you show others. If you want to swap anything out for something that works better for you personally then feel free - this is all about listening to yourself and giving yourself some love.

  1. Meditate / do some yoga

  2. Have a dance to your favourite music

  3. Have an early night

  4. Have a long refreshing shower or bath

  5. Compliment yourself (especially something you’re insecure about)

  6. Eat your favourite food

  7. Take a break from social media

  8. Journal what’s on your mind

  9. Take a walk outside and enjoy nature

Kindness to the planet

" When you notice the beauty around you you notice the beauty in yourself" - Florence Cross

Our planet, our home, also deserves some kindness so I thought I’d also create a Kindness to the Planet Bingo to help you create some easy eco-friendly habits during this lockdown period. Give it a go and notice how taking care of nature and the Earth affects your mental health - how is it different or similar to showing kindness to others or yourself?

  1. Take a walk outside and pick up some litter

  2. Reuse something

  3. Take your own bags when shopping

  4. Read a book about climate change or the environment

  5. Make a home for wildlife (e.g. Bird box, hedgehog house etc )

  6. Make some new outfits from old clothes

  7. Have a go at growing some veg or other plants

  8. Watch a wildlife documentary

  9. Have a meat free or vegan day

Have fun completing your Kindness Bingo Challenge!

Please share these Kindness Bingo Cards with as many people as you can to spread lots of love, kindness and creativity - all I ask is that you tag me or credit me in some way as I spent a lot of time designing and creating this project for you lovely people!

Have fun and go forth to spread the love!


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