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Get in contact to discover a practice perfect for taking care of your mental and physical health, with a teacher who has an inclusive fun style of teaching that will make your personal journey a priority.

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Stroud, Gloucestershire

University of Nottingham

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Answered by Flo

What do I bring/wear to a yoga class?

You might want to bring a water bottle, a blanket or eye pillow for the relaxation, and a mat as it's £2 to rent one. When it comes to clothes, you can literally wear anything you like as long as you're able to move comfortably and are at a good temperature - express yourself!

Can I still come to class if I have an injury?

Of course! Whatever your injury, disability or special need I will be able to provide some options so that you are able to join in with what everyone else is doing. If it's something on the more serious side please make sure you give me notice beforehand as I may need some time to plan in variations for you, or we might need to have a chat before class to make sure that you can stay safe and enjoy the class. If there is anything that you feel unsure about or that makes you feel like yoga isn't accessible to you, please just reach out and ask me, I am certain we will be able to come to a solution so that you are able to join us!

Can I buy a course or class for someone else?

You can buy a voucher for any class (private of regular) or course for someone else! Perfect as a christmas, birthday, anniversary, mothers/fathers day present or just a gift! Great for anyone who enjoys yoga or mindfulness! Just drop me an email and I can send you a snazzy gift voucher you can give them.

Can I do a private class or course with someone else?

Doing a course or private class with another person (or even a few others) is a great idea as it means we can have some additional discussion groups to help deepen your understanding and learn together. As well as this, you and additional people get a discounted price! Just drop me an email and we can work out the details! (at the moment I can only teach one on one classes in the studio as there isn't enough space so these would have to be online)

Will it be awkward if I know you outside of yoga?

I appreciate that it can be a concern that things could get awkward if you know me from outside of yoga, such as through school. Everything you tell me during any yoga class or yoga course is completely confidential, and I don't just mean to other people. Whatever you tell me inside the safe space of a yoga class, is only told to Yoga Teacher Flo, the Flo that's your friend, classmate, relation or however else you know me, will never find out. In my classes, I try to create a safe relaxed space where you feel able to be open and unapologetically yourself, without judgment.

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