Yoga is a beautiful and mulitfaceted practice, it provides you with lots of tools for your "life toolkit" and has lots of teachings that, despite originating over 7000 years ago, are perfect for modern day life. For this reason, I have created some courses to help you dive deeper into these teachings, to learn how to involve them in your practice and how to live them. I am no guru, and I'm certainly no Bodhisatva, I am just a yoga teacher sharing my experience and wisdom in the hope that you will be able to use these courses as a way to deepen your yoga practice and treat yourself.

This is a completely online course at the moment due to COVID 19, this means that it is accessible to you wherever you are in the world!


The Yamas are the first step of Patanjali's Eight Fold Path and the first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They are a set of five teachings that help yogis to live an ethical life and do good in the world around them. Each week we will explore one of these Yamas in detail, this will include an article explaining the concept, a private 1 hour yoga class, a private 20 minute meditation class and an activity/challenge to help embody the teaching, so that you can learn what they are and how to live them.

Duration: 5 weeks

Includes: 6x written explanations, 5x 1 hour Private Online Yoga Class, 5x activities/challenges, 5x 20 minute Private Online Meditation Class

Equpiment: Device with a camera and internet connection, journal/notebook, yoga/fitness mat

Price: £85 (reduced price for teens/students) - HALF PRICE DUE TO COVID 19

The articles and activities will be emailed to you weekly for you to complete at your own pace, each article will only be a few minutes read and the activities won't take too long to complete either. The two private classes will be using zoom and arranged at a time that suits you (if you'd prefer, I'm happy to combine the two classes into one 80 minute class)

To book your course, or if you have any enquiries, please email me: or call/text 07928 507214

Think these courses look good but just not for you?

You can buy any of these courses for someone else! Perfect as a christmas, birthday, anniversary, mothers/fathersday present or just a gift! Great for anyone who enjoys yoga or mindfulness! Just drop me an email and I can send you a snazzy gift voucher you can give them.

Prefer to do this course with a partner or friend?

Doing this course with another person (or even a few others) is great idea as it means we can have some additional discussion groups to help deepen your understanding and learn together. As well as this, addtional people get a discounted price! Just drop me an email and we can work out the details!

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