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Yoga is a beautiful and multifaceted practice, it provides you with lots of tools for your "life toolkit" and has lots of teachings that, despite originating thousands of years ago, are perfect for modern day life. For this reason, Flo has created some courses to help you dive deeper into these teachings, to learn how to involve them in your practice and how to live them. She wants to share her experience and wisdom in the hope that you will be able to use these courses as a way to deepen your yoga practice and treat yourself.

These courses are perfect for feeding your soul: they are an opportunity to explore and deepen your personal yoga practice, while also learning about what's important to you. In this fast paced world, it can be hard to make time for yourself, to focus on your own development, and to get to know what makes you tick. Think of these courses as an investment into your mental, physical and spiritual health, as you'll learn skills you can always have in your tool kit.


They're also perfect if you are someone who teaches mindfulness, such as a PSHE teacher, these courses give you a great understanding of the philosophy and wisdom behind some of the ideas and practices that you may be teaching. I've been involved with yoga in education through a few different projects and feel these courses, or similar ones, are needed in a lot of circumstances. Yoga can often get muddied and confused with exercise or just breathing exercises, whereas there is a lot of interesting and thought provoking philosophy behind it. Even if you never teach the philosophy, it’s a really important part of understanding the holistic benefits of yoga. 

These are completely online courses at the moment due to COVID 19, this means that it is accessible to you wherever you are in the world! (FAQs at the bottom)


The Yamas are the first step of Patanjali's Eight Fold Path and the first of the Eight Limbs of Yoga. They are a set of five teachings that help yogis to live an ethical life and do good in the world around them. Each week we will explore one of the Yamas in detail, this will include a pack including an explanation of the concept and an activity to explore it further in your everyday life, a private 1 hour online yoga class focusing on that week’s concept, and a private 20 minute online meditation class to discuss and develop your understanding of that week’s Yama, so that you can learn what they are and how to live them.

Duration: 5 weeks
Includes: 5x packs, 5x 1 hour Private Online Yoga Class, 5x 20 minute Private Online Meditation Class / Discussion, Certificate of Completion (optional)
Equipment: Device with a camera and internet connection, journal/notebook, yoga/fitness mat
Price: £140 (+ reduced price for teens/students)

The articles and activities will be emailed to you weekly for you to complete at your own pace, each article will only be a few minutes read and the activities won't take too long to complete either. The two private classes will be using zoom and arranged at a time that suits you (if you'd prefer, I'm happy to combine the two classes into one 80 minute class)

To book your course, or if you have any enquiries, please email me: or call/text 07928 507214

Flo X


I am finding the Yama Course really beneficial in lots of ways. It is helping with my spiritual growth and wellbeing as well as physical through yoga. It has fitted with, enhanced, and helped me focus on, my usual spiritual practice, even though it's very different! With one aspect looked at each week it helps me focus and really think about things around each topic. I am excited for the coming weeks sessions!

Mel, Yama Course Student


All of our courses offer you the chance to look inside yourself and grow. These in particular focus completely on learning how to develop into your most authentic self, through yoga, journaling, and self-love practices. It doesn't matter your age, identity, gender, yoga experience or anything else, learning to love, accept, and understand yourself is vital. 


Learning to love yourself can be hard... really hard. As a teen, I can see the struggle my friends go through trying to "fit the mould" in order to become "good enough" for everyone else. Whereas the only person that needs to love you is YOU.

I've written and created this 3 Week Self-Love Course to help you learn to love yourself - all of yourself! The course will include 3 private self-love yoga classes with me (either online or in the studio) and 6 Self-Love Practices (some of which include more than one activity) to do in your own time (such as journaling). In the first week, we'll explore how you currently feel about yourself, the second will be specifically tailored to breaking down your personal barriers to self-love (which we'll identify in week 1), and in the third we'll work on making self-love a priority even after the course is finished. Invest in your own self-worth and learn to love yourself!​

Duration: 3 weeks

Includes: 3x 1 hour Private Online Yoga Class, 6x Self-Love Practices

Equipment: Device with a camera and internet connection, journal/notebook, yoga/fitness mat

Price: £50 (+ reduced price for teens/students) - HALF PRICE DUE TO COVID 19 (Just the price of 2 private classes!)

The self-love practices will be emailed to you weekly for you to complete at your own pace, each practice shouldn't take too long to complete so can do this course after school or work. The private classes will be either using zoom or in person and arranged at a time that suits you.

With this course in particular, it would be amazing to run for a group, so why not book it with a group of friends? Or, if there is a group of different people interested, I would love to run this as a group course (when there are venues available and restrictions are lifted) so if that's something you would be interested in please let me know so you'll be the first to be updated with the details.

To book your course, or if you have any enquiries, please email me: or call/text 07928 507214

Flo X


Once you start learning to love yourself, you just don't want to stop! You can add an extra week to the course above for just £15! The extra week would be slot in after the second week and includes 2 extra self-love practices to help break down more of your personal barriers and an added private yoga class. Get the most out of your self-love course by breaking down as many barriers to self-love as possible!


3 weeks is quite a long time, especially if you're also at school or working. That's why I've decided to offer an adaption of the above self-love course that's a little shorter. With all the same benefits, just a little rearranged, the two weeks would include 2 private classes and 4 self-love practices (some practices include more than one activity). This variation also means the course is a little cheaper, only £40 in total!

Find out why loving yourself is an important part of your spiritual development

I really loved [the self-love yoga course] and think everyone should try it at least once in their life :)

Evie, Self-love Course Student



These courses are designed especially for groups such as scouts or guides, or for schools, such as in PSHE lessons. In our experience, yoga has given us far more useful and practical ways to support and improve our wellbeing than school ever did. We wanted to create some courses that would provide students with something tangible that they can actively use in their everyday life. Each course can be tailored to the group's preferences.

Life Toolkit

Yoga and mindfulness are important for everyone to learn and experience because it teaches you useful tools to go into your "Life Toolkit". In this course, students will learn practical techniques they can use in their everyday life to help deal with emotions and difficult situations. You can do anywhere from one to all of the classes below depending on your curriculum, time frame and budget. 

Each class includes: A journalling/discussion prompt relating to the topic, a breathing or mindfulness technique, a yoga sequence with memorable poses, time to reflect and discuss what they've learnt (optional extra resources for students to use in their own time)

Duration of Class: 1 Hour

Group size: Any number

Price: £35 for the first class, £20 for each additional class (+ Travel)

Topics: Confidence, Mood Booster, Sleep, Relaxation, Reduce Anxiety, Positive Body Image, Increase Focus

To book your course, or if you have any enquiries, please email me: or call/text 07928 507214

Flo X

Think these courses look good but just not for you?

You can buy any of these courses for someone else! Perfect as a christmas, birthday, anniversary, mothers/fathers day present or just a gift! Great for anyone who enjoys yoga or mindfulness! Just drop us an email and we can send you a snazzy gift voucher you can give them.

Prefer to do this course with a partner or friend?

Doing this course with another person (or even a few others) is a great idea as it means we can have some additional discussion groups to help deepen your understanding and learn together. As well as this, you and additional people get a discounted price! Just drop us an email and we can work out the details!

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