There are lots of online classes available, from online replacements for pre-existing classes, to private online groups with friends you haven't seen for a while, some classes specially set up during lockdown and some special FREE classes for students!

Check out the ONLINE CLASSES page to find out more about timings, prices, what you need for the class and the codes to join the class

Or email Flo with any questions!


During Lockdown,  we have been focusing on researching and creating some online courses (NOW AVAILABLE IN PERSON) to help you dive deeper into your yoga practice, yoga philosophy and learn about and develop yourself. These courses will include, live online private yoga and meditation classes, specially written articles, and activities to complete.

Check out the YOGA COURSES page to find out more about what these courses consists of, how to get involved and pricings

Or email Flo with any questions!


Want to further your practice at home? Can't always make the online class? Ask for a recording of the class.... it's almost like you're there!

Commission us to record videos especially for your school, club, youth centre, small business or whatever you want. Our videos are professional quality and the teaching is always of a high standard.

There are also some 5 minute yoga practice videos on the Lockdown Resources page, to do between online classes or meetings.

Have a look at the preview below and email us to find out more!


A Sneak Preview...

Enjoy this 10 minute relaxation video free! I was asked to make a short relaxation by Soap Folk, a local organic soap company, to use with their new eye pillow. If you like what you see, I'm available to make similar videos for you! (I've directed, filmed, and edited it all myself!)

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