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floga yoga was set up in order to create safe spaces where young people (and all people) can connect to their body, their soul, each other and the planet through their yoga practice. 


Flo Cross is inspiring, passionate and hardworking, and she has made it her mission to make yoga accessible to all, so that everyone can experience its benefits.


As soon as I started practicing yoga, I knew it was something I wanted to share, I needed to share. 

Yoga has touched and improved every part of my life; it’s helped me develop and strengthen my relationship with my body, it’s given me more confidence and self-belief, it’s helped me to recognise the importance of rest and time alone, it’s given me tools to deal with stress and anxiousness, and it has answered a longing in my heart to connect.

I feel that yoga is a practice that, at its core, is meant to be shared, so I embarked on my teaching journey by starting a small yoga club at my school. Teaching yoga inspired a passion in me that I could not ignore. The pure joy of putting a smile on someone’s face, of helping another person, even if just by providing them a safe space to be themselves, made me want to teach as much as I could. So, I took the next step, and trained to be a yoga teacher, at just 15! This has to be the best decision I’ve ever made!


Since I discovered yoga, I have had the privilege of working with the Teen Yoga Foundation to speak at two of their Instil Yoga conferences (on the impact yoga has on body image, and the importance of yoga in the education system), and to create an international survey documenting the way young people perceive yoga. I’ve worked on projects training students to set up yoga clubs within their schools, created ‘Wellbeing’ resources for schools and individuals, ran yoga workshops in schools, made yoga videos for local businesses, been a guest co-host on Radio Gloucestershire, interviewed on youtube channels, and podcasts and invited as a guest speaker on teacher training courses to share my expertise on teaching yoga to teens. At the moment I have the pleasure of co-running and teaching on a project that provides school teachers (primary and secondary) with training to teach yoga to a high standard within their school, something I feel is extremely worthwhile. 

I am dedicated to my personal yoga practice, and not just the poses you see on instagram. As well as having a regular movement and meditation morning practice, I make sure that I continue to learn about yoga’s rich philosophy, heritage and cultural background. Yoga is more than just having a stretch, yoga is a state of mind and a way of life, which I am always mindful of maintaining.

Yoga is my passion and I'm determined to share this precious practice in an accessible, inclusive and authentic way, so that everyone is able to experience the profound benefits that I have and can have the tools to face whatever comes their way.

Flo X


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