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Take Notice...

Imagine you’re walking along a path, there is a beautiful view of a mountain range in front of you, you can see for miles and miles. Snow crested peaks form teeth gnashing at the sky. Below there’s a thick green carpet of a luscious canopy. You’re blown away by the view. Well you would be. Unfortunately, you’re blinded by a thick suffocating fog surrounding you, you can hardly see your hand in front of your face nevermind the breathtaking landscape. This is how lockdown can make me feel. Once you get so used to seeing the same things in the same places you forget to look. Even when out in nature, this same stifling feeling of disconnection can remain. Try to open your eyes and take more notice of the world around you. Noticing new things can help you become more in touch with your surroundings and live a little more in the moment. By savouring every experience you learn to appreciate and be grateful for all the beautiful and amazing things in life you never realise are there. Just take a moment and look around you, what can you see? Not just your living room or desk, what can you really see? Be aware of the multitude of colours and shades you can see around you, the strange shapes of different appliances and ornaments, maybe the way the light shines through the window, the shadows your furniture makes, really look. The same goes when you’re outside. Nature is an amazing and wonderful force, and full of surprises. As you’re taking a stroll around the neighbourhood, try to notice something new. Open your eyes and take a look around like you’re new to the area and are walking through for the first time, taking everything in. Notice the colours and shades of the buildings, plants, doors, fences, grass, notice the birds singing, trees swaying, leaves growing, even notice the street lamps, road signs and posters, notice everything. Try to look around you with the wonder of a small child. Use your eyes and your ears. Really try to activate your senses to absorb your surroundings, it might just save you from the suffocating fog and reveal a beautiful scene you’d never seen before.


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