On this page you will find videos of yoga classes, meditations and activities to help deepen you yoga practice. If you ever want to find out more or have any questions, please feel free to email me or we could arrange a private class.

AHIMSA Mediatation

This is my first video so please bear with some of the hiccups! 

Enjoy this meditation to focus your mind and explore loving yourself, other people, even the ones that don't sit well with you, and all beings and creatures on this Earth. 

It's only 10 minutes long so grab a seat, get comfortable and enjoy....

Body Positive

Sorry it's not the best of quality, but thought I should add it anyways.

Enjoy a short yoga flow to help you embrace your body. You can do this on it's own or you can add it into your practice.

It's only 10 minutes long so get on some comfy clothes, a safe space, and enjoy...

Replay of Teen Yoga Classes Online

I was lucky enough to be asked to teach some free yoga classes for yoga people by Active Gloucestershire over Lockdown.

Here are some recordings of the classes...

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