Christmas/the holidays are a time of giving and exploring gratitude, spending time with loved ones, and of good food... but it can be easy to lose our connection to ourselves and our relationship with food.

This workshop flips that experience on its head. Movement and chocolate (or whatever your favourite treat is) aren't opposites. You don't need to exercise to earn chocolate or punish yourself for it. Instead, we will use our favourite treats as part of our practice. 

Chocolate (or whatever else you would prefer) will be a base for exploring our senses, practising mindfulness and learning mindful eating (a valuable practice in the season of overeating and food stresses). This will be paired with a gentle relaxing flow to release any stress from the past year and make room for self-love and body awareness and connection.

When: Monday 20th December, 11:30-13:00
Where: Lansdown Hall, Stroud
Early Bird (before 13th December): £15
Normal Bird (after 13th December): £20
Chocolate of varying sorts will be provided but please feel free to bring your favourite (or if you feel up to it a treat you struggle with)

Private Classes

Private Yoga Classes

Private Yoga Classes are the perfect way to connect more deeply to yourself and your yoga practice. Private classes have many benefits: it gives you a chance to be alone and practice in a space where you can't feel judged by anyone else, you can arrange the day and time of sessions to suit you, the classes are tailored to your exact needs and wants, and you have the instructors full attention. 

Flo is a capable and friendly teacher that will hold space for you to take what you need from each class as well as creating personalised classes just for you. With experience teaching ages 8 to 80, Flo will be able to create a class that works for your individual desires. Your class can be held in the beautiful private Floga Studio hidden away in the middle of the scenic Cotswolds, or, Flo is able to travel to private classes, so you can practice in your own sacred space.


One-To-One Class

A personal private appointment so you can have classes specifically designed for you, receive as much help as you need, and can enjoy the class without being distracted by anyone else.

Classes of 60 mins or 90 mins

Tailored to your requirements

Private studio 

Classes from £30 (Student £25)

Email Flo

Partner Class

A private appointment but with a friend - you still get to enjoy a class tailored to the pair of you but you also get to spend some quality time with your loved one. A great idea for couples or a teen with a parent.


Classes of 60 mins or 90 mins

Tailored to your requirements

Private Studio

Classes from £45 (Students £40)

Regular Classes

Teen Yoga Class


5:30-6:30 pm

£7 drop in

£6 pre-booked

£5 a class term booking

Lansdown Hall, GL5 1BB

Yoga is perfect for young people. It gives you a chance to take a break out of your busy life, move your body and have some quiet time to reflect. I'm so glad that I discovered yoga while I was in my early teens, it's been a priceless tool to deal with the stress of exams and growing up, and I am so excited that I can share this gift with other teens now!

This teen yoga class is a friendly welcoming class that will leave you feeling relaxed warm and soft both mentally and physically! Come along and enjoy a class specifically for young people​, whether you're an experienced yogi or you just want to give it a try, you are welcome. This class is suitable for young people of any fitness or ability aged about 11-25. Everyone is welcome to come along and join in, all you need is some comfortable clothes you can move about in and maybe a water bottle (there are toilets at the hall and some limited parking outside).

Email Flo to book your spot!


Chair Yoga (Online)




Yoga is a great way to move your body and exercise your mind, which is so important for anyone, but especially when you find your body and mind starting to slow down a little. Yoga can help you build up strength, improve your balance and concentrating, and relax and de-stress. This class offers you a chance to enjoy all the benefits of yoga in an accessible way, each class will have variations for all abilities, so whether you would prefer to stay seated in a chair for the most part or be jumping about on your mat, there will be an option available for you.


All you need is the link for the class (which Flo will email you),  a device with a camera that you can use the internet on (for example a laptop or tablet), to fill out the health form, a comfortably sized space, a sturdy chair (e.g. a kitchen chair) and comfy clothes. Flo has also made a Really Easy Zoom Guide, which she'll email with the link if technology isn't really your thing.

Email Flo to book your spot!

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