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I've been doing yoga for around 4 years and I practise every day (or as often as I can!). Over the last few years I have definitely benefited hugely from doing yoga - I feel far more confident, healthier and positive, I have a better body image, I feel more relaxed generally, I sleep better and I am much more adept at handling stress. These benefits have been so influential in my life that I feel compelled to share it with other young people (and all people!), as nearly everyone I've met who does yoga has said that they wished they started it earlier.

I started by teaching a lunchtime club at my school and, although it wasn't a very large class, those who came enjoyed it and told me how much it had helped them. (Since then it has grown so much that it's too full!) This led me to want to spread yoga to more teenagers. I spoke at the Teen Yoga Foundation's Instill Conferences in 2017 and 2018, firstly on the importance of yoga in the education system and secondly on how yoga has significantly improved my body image. I also collaborated with The Teen Yoga Foundation to create an international survey that went out to over a 1,000 people to find out how teenagers view yoga and what their preconceptions are. 

I am also involved in running the social media platform @blissedgeneration which aims to provide content to help other young people to take care of their mental and physical health and wellbeing. For this I have to create lots of useful content and help others to do so too. If you would be interested or know anyone who would be interested in being involved in this project please contact me through @blissedgeneration (instagram) or any other way.

Additionally, I am working on another very inspiring project called Wellbeing Ambassadors. This involves working with a group of teenagers from a school in order to teach them how to teach yoga to their peers. Wellbeing Ambassadors aims to make yoga and mindfulness more accessible to young people and get yoga into the education system without schools having to pay for outside teachers. 

My aim is to inspire everyone to explore the practice of yoga. I trained as a yoga teacher in August 2019 and qualified in October 2019 - making me, I believe, the youngest qualified yoga teacher in the UK.


Yoga is my passion and I'm determined to reach out to inspire and help as many people as possible.

Flo Xx


Follow me on Instagram @floga_yoga for inspiration, latest news, class updates, mindfulness and meditation tips, my thoughts on yoga philosophy and, to find out more about me!

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