In this stressful and confusing time, yoga can offer an escape to a much calmer safer space. Yoga offers a chance to stretch out, strengthen and move your body within the confines of your home. I am offering online yoga classes (using zoom video calls) to help you to relax, destress and build a healthy daily experience for mind and body that you can continue when life returns back to normal.

Free Online Classes For Students

Free movement for wellbeing classes for students funded by Gloucester Cathedral.

Chair Yoga

(with mat options)

Feeling like you want to get moving? Have a go at some online yoga to get moving, chill out and make friends!



Want to let go of your week? To recharge your batteries before the new week? Join me for a yummy Teen Yoga Class

What do you need for an online class?

A Really Easy Zoom Video Guide

All you need for an online class is a laptop or device with a camera and wifi connection, a yoga mat (or if not a towel or blanket will do), a quiet space where you can fit a yoga mat with some space around it and no sharp objects nearby (nothing you can injure yourself on if you fall), and a link or code that I will send you.


Thanks to funding from Gloucester Cathedral,  as part of BLISS.ED I am running FREE Movement for Wellbeing classes for students for weekly classes from 13 October - 3 December in order to offer young people all the benefits of moving your body during the huge changes they (we) are going through. The 2 weekly classes will guide students through different physical and mental techniques to help overall different emotions - for example, one week we will be focusing on yoga to reduce anxiety and another week we'll be focusing on building confidence!


My class is on Thursdays 17:30-18:30,  email me for the link 

More information in the infographic below...

More Information...

Have a watch of this short promo video to find out more...


Are you annoyed at having to be stuck inside because you want to get moving? Yoga is a great way to move your body and exercise your mind as well as maybe making some new friends. Each class will have variations for all abilities, so whether you would prefer to stay seated in a chair for the most part, or want to be jumping about on your mat, you will be able to join in and follow the class! On this note please fill out the health form so I can bear in mind your specific needs when I plan the class and I can keep you safe. The class will be on Wednesdays 14:30-15:15 (maybe try to join the call a few minutes before so you have time to figure it out and then settle in - I'll be available about 10 mins before hand if you're struggling) with some time afterwards for a catch up with the others in the class. All you need is the link for the class (which I'll email you),  a device with a camera that you can use the internet on (for example a laptop or tablet), to fill out the health form, a comfortably sized space, a sturdy chair (e.g. a kitchen chair) and comfy clothes. Please feel free to email or phone me if you have any questions or need a bit of help with the technology! 

When: Wednesdays 14:30-15:15

Who: Anyone who would like some gentle yoga, with the support of a chair!

Price: FREE! (donations welcome)

Email me to book your spot!

A Really Easy Zoom Video Guide


Want to let go of your week? To recharge your batteries before the new week? Join me for a yummy yoga class for all ages on Sundays 17:00-18:00!

Dip into a tranquil pool of self-care to finish your week on a high. De-stress, declutter, unfurl and unwind, with chilled beats and treats for your body and your mind to help you recharge your batteries before the new week begins. Put last week to bed and wake up energised for next week!

When: Sundays, 17:00-18:00

Where: Zoom

Who: All ages and abilities

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